In October 2005 Delores Goodrick Beggs became Group Manager of the Goodrich Surname DNA Project, for Goodrich and all variant spellings. Matthew Goodrich is webmaster for the DNA Project web site. The project is sponsored by arrangement between Family Tree DNA (FTDNA) and World Families Network.

Our Goodrich Surname Project goal is to establish our immigrant branches and their distant/global locations and connections.

The ideal test participants to establish a branch are descendants of two different sons of the earliest known ancestor for that branch. These will be male cousins with the Goodrich surname or variant.

Project participants must be a male of direct male lineage from the ancestor. Females and males descended from female Goodriches can get a direct line male grandfather, uncle, or cousin to test for them.

The tests we use, Y-DNA25 through Y-DNA67, are a simple cheek swab done in the privacy of the participant’s home, and then mailed back in the return envelope that comes with the kit.

Participants purchase their own kits. Please contact me first so I can inform you how to purchase the kit at the substantial Goodrich Surname DNA Project discount. Kits ordered individually outside the project do not receive the discount.

When the test results are received, the participant receives a report and a personal DNA web page. The test results are posted on our Goodrich Surname DNA Project web site, where test participants can see any established branches, matches, and compare their results with the results of other participants. Delores’s DNA project reports appear in the Goodrich Gospel, the newsletter of the Goodrich Family Association.

The benefits to participants of the DNA Project include:
Jump over a paper trail block to a potential ancestor connection.
Establish ethnic and geographic origins.
Focus research toward related families.
Avoid pursuing false connections.

We are actively recruiting participants to establish our different Goodrich and surname variant branches. If you are interested in participating, please contact Steve for further information.

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You can visit the Goodrich DNA Project by clicking here
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